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Quetra Asia

PT. QUETRA ASIA KLANDESTIN is a company that was formed to take advantage of opportunities in the field of information and communication technology, especially internet access, network infrastructure, data communication-based services and application development.

Internet Access Service Provider is the main business field of PT. QUETRA ASIA KLANDESTIN, has received approval from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia number AHU-017992.AH.01.30. of 2023, in accordance with the permit issued by the Mayor of South Tangerang Government number: 07032301136740173, and has obtained permission from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in the form of a certificate with number: 07032300604680001 dated March 7 2023.

Domiciled on Jalan Ciater Raya, Cilenggang, Kec. Serpong, South Tangerang City 15317 PT. QUETRA ASIA KLANDESTIN operates in the field of Information Technology, particularly Internet Service Providers, Telecommunication Services and Device Trading based on Internal/Data Protocol (IP). Consultant, Design, Assembly, Maintenance, Update and Design of Computer Software.

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Our Service

We have several services that
can be tailored to your business needs

Mobile Application

Developing mobile technology gives users the freedom to do various things from mobile devices. Even in terms of work, it can help those of you who have high mobility. A trend solution that is very useful for productivity and we are here to make your wishes come true in an effort to increase productivity.

Design UI/UX

Website development solutions with designs that can be customized according to your company's theme and logo, various interesting web plugins are available.

Web Application

It's time to build applications on top of web platforms, the latest software technology and thousands of companies have switched to using it. Web Applications provide many conveniences, easy to use, efficient maintenance and very fast updates

Point of Sales (POS)

We develop Cashier / Point of Sales (POS) Systems in various retail situations that are tailored to specific needs. With innovative and efficient POS, we can help improve the customer shopping experience and help your business goals be achieved.

Loyalty Point

We have created a service that will attract more customers to your business. With an innovative and efficient application, customers can easily see the latest news, interesting promotions. They can also recommend your business to their friends, so your business continues to grow with new, loyal customers.


This service is quite popular in the present and future which helps customers get the products you sell on your own platform without intermediaries which makes a professional impression for your business. We have developed a user-friendly, attractive and efficient application or website which is equipped with various updated, interesting features and of course suits your business needs.

Sales Force

In distribution, tracking, tracking and controlling the sales team is important to know performance and of course has a big influence on the marketing & sales situation in your business. From the product side, managing the distribution of various products, tracking and tracing is the key to knowing the latest status of a special product or property.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is an application that automates the control and monitoring of your workforce, including attendance, permits, overtime and other features that can be done independently with the help of the staff's own cellphone application. This of course makes the relationship between employees and business people more transparent.

Dashboard Sales & Distribution

It is a visual tool used to provide a quick and organized view of sales and distribution using Location Maps that can summarize important data related to sales. With its ability to provide instant insight into how your business is doing, this information can help make better decisions.


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